Luxurious Back, Face & Scalp

Deep follicular cleansing of the back with a stimulating marma points massage that release tension and stress, enhanced by a replenishing, rehydrating facial finishing with a marma point scalp massage.

Hot Stones Massage

Releases tension and muscle stiffness. The hot stones massage is also great for blood circulation, insomnia and total relaxation.

Ayurvedic Body Massage:

This massage is a free flowing with stimulation to the marma points which releases tension and toxins leaving the body in an optimal state.

Swedish Body Massage:

This full body Swedish massage is designed to be very soothing and relaxing classic massage,  for the client who's not keen on deep pressures.

Schotherapy Synchronized Body Massage

A heavenly revitalising feeling is achieved by a combination of deep strokes  and stretching movements performed by two therapist to free the body of tensioned and stress caused by every day pressures. This massage leaves you in a state of natural bliss.  

Spa Massage 


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manicures, Pedicures, Body Envelopments, Spa Rituals, Waxing ...